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Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals

Quality of water is necessary for protecting significant asset investments in the utility and process areas, In addition to the regulatory and Water Treatment Objectives. Eco Smart has years of experience in handling Water Treatment Chemicals.

Objectives :

  • Optimize water use
  • Improve quality of water
  • Maintain reliability and extend life of utility plant
  • Environmental compliance

Benefits :

  • Improved reliability
  • Better environment compliance
  • Low operating cost
  • Low waste
  • Low disposal cost
  • Increased process efficiency

Types of water treatment chemicals:

Boiler Water Treatment

  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Condensate line protection
  • Sludge conditioners
  • PH, Phosphate polymer blends
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Antifoams
  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors

Reverse Osmosis Treatment

  • Antifoam
  • Acid and Alkali cleaners
  • Anti-scalant
  • Biocides

Cooling Water Treatment

  • Biocides
  • oxidizing
  • Biocides
  • non oxidizing Corrosion inhibitors
  • Antifoams
  • Anti scalants

Wastewater Treatment

  • Biological microbe based formulations
  • Dry and emulsion polymers
  • Odour controllers
  • Flocculants
  • High performance coagulants
  • Defoamers

Specialty Chemicals

  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Odour controllers
  • Corrosion & rust inhibitors
  • Antifoams &defoamers
  • Disinfectants
  • Oil dispersants Swimming pool chemicals

Types of chemicals with Eco Smart

Following are the important water treatment solutions with us. Please consult Eco Smart for further details and consultations.

Water Treatment Chemicals :

  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • PH Adjustment
  • Sodium Bicarbonate

Disinfectant :

  • Iron Exchanger Resin
  • Activated Carbon
  • Salt
  • Chlorine Powder
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Softening Water

Colour and Odour Removal

  • Ferrous Sulfate
  • Activated Carbon

Algae Control

  • Copper Sulfate

Softening water

  • Salt
  • Iron Exchanger Resin
  • Activated Carbon

Heavy Metal Removal

  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Iron Exchanger resin

Corrosion Control

  • Chromate
  • Silicate
  • Poly Phosphate
  • Amine

Coagulants and Flocculants

  • Aluminum Sulfate
  • Aluminum Chloral Hydrate
  • Poly Electrolyte
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride (Pac)
  • Ferrous Sulfate
  • Ferric Chloride

Chemical Dosing Systems

Eco Smart is offering the consumers with wide range of Chemical Dosing Systems for all chemical dosing problems at competitive prices:

  • Chemical controllers
  • Chemical dosing pumps
  • Chemical injectors & dosing tube
  • chemical bund tanks
  • Agitators & accessories
  • Probes & buffer solutions.

Eco Smart offers variety of high and low pressure chemical dosing systems in large capacities for various applications. We also customized the systems according to your standards and specifications.