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Water Filtration

A Water Filtration method increases the overall smell, taste and appearance. Water Filters are relatively inexpensive that any person can afford at their homes. Most of the filters available in the market will remove the chemicals found in the water.

There are various methods of Water Filtrations that are varying upon filtration rates efficiencies, flow demands, pressure rates, polishing requirements, authority approval, operational options, investment costs and dirt holding capacity.

Benefits :

  • Improves taste of water
  • Improves quality of life
  • Convenient
  • Protection from water contaminates
  • Saves money and time

Filters are choosing based on the following characteristics and types :

  • Chemical characteristics of the media
  • Nature of solids
  • Water source
  • Flow rate
  • Required quality treated water
  • Backwash water source

Eco Smart Water Filters for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Central Water Filtration System

Eco Smart Water Filtration System decreases chlorine tastes and odors from the water. This can be used for food and drink preparations, bath showers, brushing teeth etc. to reduce chlorine effect on skin and hair. This system saves time, money and energy. Central Water Filtration Systems are being used in industries, commercial and residential markets.

Advantages :

  • Eliminated contaminates in the water
  • Water Treatment is cost effective
  • Water preservation
  • Saves energy
  • Safe Water for bathing, washing and other regular work.

Applications :

  • Villas and Apartment Buildings
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Hotel Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities

Carbon Filters

These Water Filters are best suited for the removal of organic compounds. This is also called as Activated Carbon Filter. It is used for its absorbent capacities and the removal of dissolved organics.

Activated Carbon Filters remove the harmful contaminants from the water. It is a very large surface area with a porous material. The pollutants are attached to the surface of the filters.

The three main components of a Carbon Filter:

  • Carbon media
  • Carbon filter control valve
  • Composite pressure vessel

The above content refers to Simplex Carbon Filters. For Any other type of Carbon Filters like: Duplex Carbon Filters, Multimedia Filters, Triplex Carbon Filters and Cartridge Carbon Filters, kindly consult Eco Smart for more details.

Multi-Media Filters

Multi-Media Filters are also called as Sand-Anthracite Filter. These filters are used for the removal of turbidity and suspended solids as low as ten-twenty microns. Inside a Sand-Anthracite Filter is a layered bed of filter media. The bed is graded from bottom to top as follows:

Layer 1 : Ravel Support Bed
Layer 2 : 2mm Filter Sand
Layer 3 : Fine Filter Sand
Layer 4 : Anthracite

Before a backwash is in need, the Multi- media filters will run for a long time.

A Multi-Media Filter has mainly three components :

  • graded beds of sand and anthracite
  • a sand-anthracite filter control valve
  • a composite pressure vessel

Sand Filters

Sand Filters are also used for control and removal of turbidity. It process large capacities of water to service. The Sand Filters are having 100 years of servicing experience in the industry. The Filtration Systems are custom made and use for large volumes. Sometimes a secondary Water Filter may also install depending on the necessity.

The 3 main components of Sand Filters :

  • graded beds of sand
  • a composite pressure vessel
  • a sand water filter control valve

pH neutralizing filters

If the water PH level is less than 7, it is considered as acidic water, which can be a cause of various problems like staining and corrosion. Magnadol is a crushed and processed limestone use for raising the pH from 6 to 7. Magnadol has a standard calcium level that put an affected on the hard water around 50ppm which passed through it.

It is commonly used in sinks, tubs and showers. This is a natural system which brings the pH level into a balanced stage.

The Three Main components of water Neutralizing Filter :

  • Neutralizing media (Magnadol).
  • a composite pressure vessel
  • a neutralizing filter control valve (usually low voltage)

Iron removal filters

Iron in water is very harmful to water systems, irrigation projects and many more lowering the efficiency of what you are involving at. Soaps and detergents are not the solution for stain removal in sinks, washing machines, and plumbing. Iron Removal Filtration can resist all water problems concern with iron. The ultimate solution will be fresh, clean, great taste water.

Main components of Iron Removal Filters :

  • filter media
  • a composite pressure vessel
  • a filter control valve usually low voltage

The relevant information above is only for simplex Iron Removal Filters. For other types of filters, consult Eco Smart for more details.

Residential & Commercial Range of Filters

We provide you with the following filters along with the appropriate instruction on installation, operation and service.

  • Bag Filters
  • Complete skid mounted high pressure filters
  • Media Filters
  • Disposable Filters (cartridge, bags, paper)

Eco Smart provides the following Filtration Systems for residential and commercial applications :

  • Whole House Water Filtration System.
  • Water Filters with Sterilization System.
  • Nano Water Filtration Systems
  • Multi-purpose Water Filtration System.