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People are more concerned about the quality of water they drink and the demand for it is very high. Production has also increase with the demand and there is a competitive market for the Bottling Water Industry. As per the regulatory standards, Eco Smart is providing the total solutions for best high quality Drinking Water Systems.

There are many variations of these systems, which undergo different processes and encompass different characteristics.

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      We consumed for the refreshment beverages is the sparkling or carbonated water. The non-sparkling or still water is considered as drinking water. From small age to elderly age, the bottle water consumption is very high. As a public remark, the bottling water consumers are more health conscious, socially aware and contemporary.

      Eco Smart provides you best solutions for large and small water bottles in Water Bottling Industry.

      Features :

      Eco Smart will provide you with integrated solutions for your Water Bottling Plants. We provide premium quality world-class bottling plants with Reverse Osmosis systems.

      • Ozone / UV Water Sterilization
      • Optional Re-mineralization System
      • Optional PH Correction System
      • PLC system control
      • Full instrumentation
      • Full automatic control
      • Designed for Brackish Water and Sea Water
      • Back up with warranty and service support
      • Product water by Reverse Osmosis System
      • Product and reject flow meters
      • Monitoring digital water quality

      Benefits :

      • Improved quality of water
      • Free from harmful substances
      • Safe for the health
      • Provides Peace of mind
      • Gives necessary minerals
      • It can be used any part of the world

      System Installation

      Eco Smart gives you a quality service with the most convenient way. We are helping you to setup the system at your place.

      • Supervision for installing the unit.
      • Comprehensive personal training
      • User Manual and on line supports for ease of use.

  • Blow Molding Machine

    Blow Molding machines are widely used in Beverage Industries to produce PET bottles, containers etc., for packing beverages, such as pure drinking water, mineral water, carbonated drinks, juices etc.,. There are different types of units for PET blow molders. Now-a-days PET bottles are made with Oxo-biodegradable additive to speed up bottle decomposition naturally within 5 to 9 years in any landfilled areas. The increasing demand for the use of bottled water will effect in more plastic waste. It will also help to reduce any environmental hazards of discarded bottles.

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      1. Automatic blow molding machine ESBM- 1

        This fully automatic machine is widely used to produce PET plastic containers and bottles in a variety of shapes. The volume of the product is from0.1L to 5L. The approximate production capacity of the machine is around 500 to 1200 bph. This machine is mainly used to produce:

        • Carbonated bottles
        • Mineral water bottles
        • Pesticide bottles
        • Cosmetic bottles
        • Wide–mouth bottles

      2. Two cavity automatic blow molding machine ESBM-2

        This fully automatic blow-molding machine is widely used to produce PET plastic containers and bottles in a variety of shapes. The volume of the product is from 0.1L to 2L. The production capacity is approximately around 1800 to2000bph. This machine is widely used in producing:

        • Carbonated bottles
        • Mineral water bottles
        • Pesticide bottles
        • Cosmetic bottles
        • Wide–mouth bottles
        • Hot fill bottles

      3. Four Cavity Automatic Blow molding machine ESBM-4

        This is a fully automatic blow-molding machine and is designed in such a way that it helps to save power and labor. It is highly efficient, fast and safe. Easy to maintenance while troubleshooting .The volume of product is 0.1L to 2L and the production capacity of the machine is 3200 to 4000bph.

      4. Six Cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine ESBM-6

        This blow-molding machine is fully automatic with advanced PLC system. The infrared preheater is highly adjustable with an automatic thermostatic apparatus and the distribution of heat is swift and good. The machine is secured with an automatic –locking apparatus in each mechanical action. The conveyor works automatically. The air cylinder in the machine helps in reduction of noise and no kind of contamination is affected on the body of bottle. The mold can be locked with double crank links and is satisfied with different atmospheric pressure. This machine is highly efficient, low cost and is easy to operate. With the advanced technology easy maintenance is possible. The chilling system is ideal and the rejection rate is very low i.e., >0.2 percent. The machine is very easy to install and the volume of product is 0.1L to 2L. The production capacity is approximately around 4000 to 6000bph.

      5. Automatic Rotary Blow Molding machine ESRBM- A4, A6, A8, A10;

        These rotary blow- molding machines are available in four types regarding their capacity in producing bottles per hour: 1) 4500 – 6000 bph 2) 7500 – 9000 bph 3) 9000 – 12000 bph 4) 11000 – 15000 bph These kind of machines save 25 percent of electricity consumption than the other blow molding machines. The PLC system used in this machine is very reliable. The valve’s stability and the cylinder ‘s accurate stretching pace gives consistency in product. Mold fixing structure, automatic plastic loader and automatic recovery device are other key features of this machine. The size of bottles produced from this machine is as follows: Neck diameter: 18 – 38mm Height of the bottle: <280mm Diameter of the bottle body: =90mm.

      6. Two Cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine ESBM-B2

        This fully automatic blow-molding machine is widely used to produce PET plastic containers and bottles in a variety of shapes. This machine is cost saving, its rejection rate is low but higher in production and is more stable in its performance than a semiautomatic machine. It will run smoothly and is easy to operate. The volume of the product is from 2L to 5L. The approximate production capacity of the machine is around 800 to 1000 bph. This machine is mainly used to produce: Carbonated bottles, Mineral water bottles, Pesticide bottles, Packaging containers.

  • Water filling machine

    Among the equipment used in purified water bottling plant the water filling machine is used for washing, filling and capping pure water,mineral water and other non-gas beverages. This 3-in-1 unit model of the machine is easier, faster and much more comfortable. It comprises of bottle lifters, unscrambler, air conveyor, washer-filler-capper within a single unit, cap lifter and a light-checking box.

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      The 3-in-1 unit makes use of advanced PLC control system which supports a touch screen panel, where production information and controls are displayed, here we can make necessary adjustments for the unit. The neck of the bottles is clamped and for the ease of operation, the bottles are being dangled. The cylinder, valve and other parts that touch the body of bottle are all made of micro- carbon stainless steel or food grade plastic. The pressurized nozzles act fast in filling the bottles and it is accurate and efficient with minimal dripping and leakage.

      The water-filling 3-in-1 machine consists of:

      • a. A base Unit
      • b. PLC Controlled system
      • c. Rinsing section
      • d. Filling section
      • e. Capping section

      Advantages of the filling machine

      1. Safe and Clean The parts of the machine that have direct contact with the liquid are made of new generation stainless steel, so no kind of secondary pollution is affected to the product. Thus it is considered safe and hygienic.
      2. Gripping design to hold the neck of the bottle A bottle neck gripping clamp is there to hold the bottle when it moves into the machine from the conveyor belt for the production process. It is useful when the filling process of bottles varying in thickness and height.
      3. Isobaric filling This technology helps in filling the precise amount of liquid, automatically into the bottles and no leakage happens during the process.
      4. Reliable capping device The capping device adopts the magnetic technique that moves constantly to screw the cap. This constant movement of the capping device is adjustable in order to reduce the damage in tightening the sealed cap.

      Working of the Unit

      Bottles that are being molded from the blow molding machines are channeled through a conveyor into this 3-in-1 machine where the bottles are washed or rinsed, filled with water and at last the capping. When the bottles enter into the machine the rotary wheel connected inside with the star wheel helps to hold the bottle with a secured grip. The rinsing turret consists of neck grippers for each PET bottles. The bottles are then turned upside down and the rinsing water will gush out from the nozzle having multiple holes specially designed to flush the inside wall of the bottle. The water then drains out and the bottle will automatically return to its upright position. The rinsed bottles are again being guided by a star-wheel gripping the neck of the bottle to the filling station.

      The valves used in filling section are manufactured using new generation stainless steel and food grade gaskets.It opens automatically when the bottles are placed just beneath the valve. The valves will not deliver the product if it does not sense the presence of the bottle. The filling valve will open and close automatically without any leakage. The bottle carrying procedure- star wheeled grip on the neck of the bottle- is lowered to disengage the bottles from filling valves. After finishing the filling, the bottles are then moved on to the capping section guided by star wheeled bottle-neck handling rotator.

      In the capping section the cap feeder and all the parts, which comes in contact with the caps are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic. The anti-rotating blades present inside the capping head help in preventing rotation of the bottle and hold it firmly. Instead of the rotating the bottles, here the capping head is being revolved and rotated to complete the process. The whole process of capping i.e., cap picking, placing, twisting and disengaging are done under the control of a cam. At last the star wheeled bottle grip will help in discharging the bottles onto the discharge conveyor to deliver the product from the water-filling unit.

      Technical Parametres of Water Bottling Equipment

      • a. volume of bottle : 350 – 2000ml
      • b. diameter of bottle : ¢50 – ¢105mm
      • c. height of bottle : 150 – 320mm
      • d. diameter of bottle mouth : ¢20 – ¢30mm

      3-5L or more volume of Gallon Bottle filling machine

      These automatic water filling machines from Eco Smart are used for producing 3-5 gallons of drinking water barrels. The models include in this series have the capacity of producing -60bph, 150bph, 200bph, 300bph, 450bph, 600bph. The production process consists of washing, filling and sealing.

      The details of the production Process are –

      bottle feeding --> Disinfectant rinsing --> Rinse water --> Pure water rinse --> turning the bottle upside down --> pushing the bottle back into the bottle stand of the rack --> Pure water filling --> sealing of the bottle --> bottled water is delivered.

      These machines are fully automatic and its entire operating system is controlled by the PLC. Manpower becomes less with this machine and the labor charge is less too. The materials used in manufacturing these machines are of higher quality stainless steel and the parts that come into contact with the product are made of food grade quality, which ensures that no pollution takes place with the product. The non-metallic parts of the machines are made of PP plastic and the electric components are more stable and reliable.

      The structure of the machine is described as follows
      It consists of different sections

      1. The entire machine for filling the bottle is set up in a big stainless steel structured rack.

      2. The washing process takes place in three stages.

        (a) Water tanks are equipped with the machine one containing with disinfectant solutions which is used for the first wand the other for water purification. Usually they are used to collect the solution, which has been used for the rinsing purpose for recycling.

        (b)The steel chain conveyors is connected with a washing cup that can hold the bottle for washing which can also transfer the bottles into washing station for decontamination.

        (c) The pipe used for sending water into the bottle for rinsing purpose is a special food-grade water tube. And the valves that used for filling and rinsing stops automatically when there is no bottle to feed.

      3. The filling head, made of stainless steel and the food grade gaskets adjusts itself when the bottle has been rightly placed into the rack. The filling subsequently proceeds to the capping of the bottle.

      4. The caps are being supplied in a drum and they will be loaded pneumatically. The air for filling and capping section is filtrated. The conveyor then transports the bottle after capping and the bottled water is delivered. The whole process is controlled by a number of sensors from placing the bottle to the capping process.

  • Sleeve Labeling Machine

    The Sleeve Labeling Machine is specially designed for tamper evident covering and body sleeve labeling for water bottling. It is suitable for labeling different kinds of bottles such as round, curved, square, flat and cup shaped bottles, etc. Various specifications can also be given according to the bottle type. The whole process of labeling is controlled by PLC system.

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      It has a man-machine user interface that has been designed with a protective cover. The machine’s whole framework is made of high-grade stainless steel so it has a stable mechanical structure. The height of the machine is very adaptable and is easy to merge with different production lines. It barely needs a change of plate because the machine has a unique in built knife plate design. The inner diameter of the label roll can be adjusted from 5” to 10”. The temperature of the machine is adjustable up to 2500C. The finished application is very smooth and without any ripples. This ECO SMART Sleeve Labeling Machines are very economical in every way.

      Working of the Sleeve Labeling Equipment

      The whole program of the sleeve labeling equipment is coordinated by PLC control system. Any error can be repaired easily and it will not affect the production.

      The machine is user friendly in terms of the unique touch screen, which means it is safe and convenient compared to other similar products.

      The height of the label feeding plate in the machine is very adjustable so it can be attached to the desired production line. The in-built microcomputer will automatically locate and fix the label appropriately and cut it at the exact measurement.

      The label is quickly drawn to the machine to enhance the stability of stretching. The configuration of label feeding is based on its stretching that helps to cut at the exact length of the label that is needed for fixing on to the bottle. (90 meters /m - capability of the feeding machine) The unique cutter head uses step-by-step process for shooting the label structure. A driving motor runs the cutter head with speed and accuracy and the shrinking is done splendidly.

      Emergency stop buttons are many in number, which enables us to stop the machine whenever it is applicable.

      The shrinking effect of the label is being perfected with specially designed thermal shrinking tunnel with the help of stem generator.
      Production Efficiency up to 10,000bph
      Main machine dimension 2200L×1100Wx2000H
      Input Power 3.0KW?Input Voltage 380V/50Hz
      Applicable diameter of bottle body 28mm~125mm
      Applicable length of label 30mm~250mm
      Applicable thickness of label 0.03mm~0.13mm

      Two cavity automatic blow molding machine ESBM-2

  • Wrap Shrink Packaging Machine

    Eco Smart Wrap Shrink Packaging Machinery is fully automatic and is widely used in packing beverages, food items, milk, other dairy products, medicine, chemical and much more. This machine can make a perfect package even without the cartons or pallets, irrespective of its shape whether it is rectangular, round or flat.

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      The machine is controlled by a PLC system with a man-machine interface. It also ensures that no bottle falls from the machine. It is highly efficient, easy to operate, safe and flexible to adjust with the production line. The machine is very cost effective. A wide range of thermal films can be used in the adaptable hot wind recycle structure. The thermal films can be replaced conveniently when the failure alarm bells.

      Structure and Working of the machine

      1. Bottle conveyor
      2. Bottle blocker to separate and transfer stock package
      3. Bottle Dispatch device
      4. Blocking position inspecting device
      5. Guild bottle device
      6. Film feeding conveyor device for packaging
      7. Sealing and cutting device
      8. Hot wind recycle device to perform the thermal shrinkage.
      9. Heat resistant Conveyor for transferring the finished products.
      10. Temporary storage device.
      11. Cooling device for the convenience of transportation.
      12. PLC Control System.

      Functioning or Working The machine is controlled by the PLC. The bottle along with its packaging box is conveyed to the bottle dispatch device, the bottle blocker and the inspection device helps in separating the packing bottles from the bottles to be packed. Guild bottle device helps the bottle move towards to the sealing and cutting device along with the packing film from the film-feeding device. The packages are then conveyed onto the hot wind recycle device to complete the thermal shrinkage activity. To complete the working process the packages are eventually conveyed to the storage device after cooling for the easiness of transportation.