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VRF Outdoor Units

Eco Smart Introduces Modular and Mini Outdoor Units. Eco Smart Offer a wide range of VRF Outdoor Units to provide a solution for all applications. VRF Outdoor Units has compact design which keeps cost and environmental impact to a minimum and saving your space, and long pipe lengths give you flexibility when it comes to installing.


Our Modular Variable refrigerant Flow Outdoor Unit is available in either heat pump or heat recovery configurations. Modular VRF Outdoor Unit is the solution for every climate from -250C to +500C. The product is flexible to fit in any building. Modular VRF Outdoor Unit improve efficiency found in conventional HVAC systems and provide sustainable energy benefits. The product use refrigerant as the cooling/heating medium, and allows one outdoor condensing unit to be connected to multiple indoor units. Where each indoor unit can be controlled by its user. Modular VRF Outdoor Units works only at the needed rate.

In Modular VRF Outdoor Unit compressor speed is controlled by a VRF based on common saturated suction temperature and capacity required. Refrigerant volume flow is directly proportional to the compressor speed. Power input is directly proportional to the cube of the compressor speed.. Eco Smart VRF Systems have various combinations from 8HP to 45HP with 2HP increments. The max capacity of Modular outdoor unit is 180kW (4 x modules)


Eco Smart Mini VRF Outdoor Unit can concurrently heat and cool different spaces in a building. The product works only at the needed rate. Mini VRF Outdoor Unit performs high efficiency by reducing the running cost and CO2 emission. Mini VRF Outdoor Unit provides immediate response to change in zone loads. Eco Smart Mini Outdoor offers 3, 4 and 5 ton capacities, with available voltage of 208~230/60/1.single-phase, 60 Hz electric service. The system with 3 inverter-driven compressors also provides greater back-up capability. If one of the compressors fails, the system will continue to operate at 67% of its original capacity. Comfort will be maintained in the conditioned space until the faulty compressor can be replaced. The starting sequence of the compressors is rotated, equalizing their operating time and thereby minimizing excess operation of an individual compressor.

Features and Benefits


Modular and Mini VRF Systems use the environment-friendly R410A refrigerant.

Noise Reduction Technology

Quiet operation during night time. The Intelligent adjustment of the outdoor. Fan control can minimize the operation noise during night time. It can be reduced up to 8dB (A)

Larger Capacity

Up to 8 indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. Furthermore, the indoor unit connection capacity can be up to 150% of outdoor unit rating. This enables design flexibility

Easy Installation

The wiring work and the electrical work is simple because of single phase power supply

Lightweight and Compact Design

Small compact casing can be easily concealed in VRF Outdoor Unit

Noise Reduction

Larger fan and double casing bell mouth structure reduce noise emissions

Wide operation range

The Product can operate in wide range, significantly reducing the ambient temperature limitation.

Error display & Self-diagnostics system.

Any go down can be judged by the LED display in VRF outdoor Unit.

Economy Comfort

Water-cooled VRF delivers varying inhabitant particular temperatures to various zones while keeping energy costs low and offer big profit for buildings with abundant interior spaces and assorted tenancy patterns.


A water-cooled VRF system from Eco Smart offers consistent, high performance heating and cooling. Even under challenging conditions, the advanced engineering and design help ensure the most efficient operation day after day, year after year.

Technical Specifications



Modular Outdoor VRF

Mini Outdoor VRF

Power Supply




Cooling Capacity




Power input [W]





Digital Scroller

Air Flow Rate(H)




Net Dimension

{W×H×D} mm



Noise Level




Net Weight