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Reverse Osmosis Desalination

The technique used for high-quality cleaned water, such as semiconductor processing or biochemical applications, is called Reverse Osmosis. RO uses a combination of filtration technologies to reduce unwanted impurities in water supply. The Reverse Osmosis Desalination is famous because it can produce great tasting, very pure water at very reasonable cost without any trouble. It has fully automatic functions. RO Systems illuminate the inorganic chemicals, microorganism and produce the clean water.

Eco Smart provides Reverse Osmosis Systems at reasonable pricing, well advanced technologies and cost reduction engineering standards for the branded components.

  • Eco Smart Reverse Osmosis Systems

    • Commercial Reverse Osmosis

      Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems Benefits

      1. Competitive and economic pricing
      2. Cost reduction engineering standards
      3. High efficiency and low cost through new technologies
      4. Ease of transport relocation and installation
      5. Customized engineering
      6. Fully automated control
      7. Full warranty on systems and installation
      8. High quality water production through advanced technologies illuminating contaminated water in zero level.
      9. The systems are compact
      10. Stainless steel casing is there to mount all the elements of the system
      11. We provide consultancy for the design and operations of the systems
      12. Detailed design of operation manual on delivery of the plants
      13. Annual maintenance contract been signed between two parties
      14. Detailed flow diagrams are given for client approval

      Commercial RO System Features

      1. Stainless steel open frame
      2. Liquid-filled hi-pressure gauge
      3. Five micron pre filter
      4. Carbon pre filter
      5. Pre filter differential indicator
      6. Pressure relief valve
      7. Low pressure switch
      8. Float switch - unit has switch contact
      9. Tank full light
      10. Pressure switch
      11. On and off switch
      12. Stainless steel vessels
      13. Auto flush valve
      14. Power-on light
      15. Product sample valve
      16. Digital meter
      17. PVC element housing
      18. Low pressure light
      19. Waste & re circulation valves


      1. Offices
      2. Schools
      3. Laboratories
      4. Hotels
      5. Coffee shops
      6. Organization
      7. Restaurants

    • Industrial Reverse Osmosis

      Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Benefits

      1. Economical pricing
      2. Well organized Engineering Standards
      3. Greater efficiency for attaining low cost using new technologies
      4. Ease of transportation and installation
      5. Customized engineering methods as per your requirements
      6. Full automated
      7. Warrants are given for systems and its installation
      8. Annual maintenance contracts and servicing.
      9. Ongoing technical support and training
      10. Ability to stand in harsh environment
      11. Low noise produce
      12. Low cost operation
      13. Short start up time
      14. Optimal water quality
      15. High quality irrigation water
      16. Automatic dosage and water analysis
      17. The systems can be integrated to achieve up to 80% rinse water recycle with an existing Membrane Filtration System or Ion Exchange System

      Industrial RO Systems Features

      1. Auto flush option
      2. High pressure tank switch
      3. Stainless steel membrane housing
      4. Storage tank float switch
      5. Electrical upgrade
      6. Feed PH, TDS and temperature monitoring
      7. High pressure pump
      8. Gauges
      9. Blending system
      10. Filters
      11. Frame casters
      12. Pre treatment
      13. Chemical injection for chlorine removal
      14. Softener
      15. UV sterilization
      16. Cartridge or bag filtration
      17. Clarifier or centrifuge separators
      18. Buffer tank
      19. Boost pump
      20. ORP meter for chlorine monitoring
      21. Post treatment
      22. Pressurizer systems
      23. Flushing systems


      1. Private Estates
      2. Industries
      3. Irrigation
      4. Hospital Sector
      5. Islands and Marinas
      6. Beverages and Pharmaceuticals
      7. Deserts and Remote Areas
      8. Live Stock
      9. Groves
      10. Orchards
      11. Bottle water stores
      12. Pharmaceuticals
      13. Electronic Industries
      14. Chemical Industry
      15. Process Water
      16. Electrical power Generating
      17. Polymer Solutions

      Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis water users need five to ten times of the available volumes and sometimes they are reaching into several 100000 gallons per 24 hr., depend on the application. Eco Smart provides the customers with the best quality water with our solution based approach while maximizing water installations.

      Some points to be think over when considered to use the Industrial and Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems;

      1. Water quality
      2. Layout of your site
      3. Your highest water demand.
      4. How much water use within 24 hour period
      5. Water pressure
      6. Operating hours per day.
      7. Purpose of using the purified water
  • Custom Built Reverse Osmosis Systems

    • Brackish Water RO Plants

      Eco Smart Brackish Water Systems

      Brackish Water Treatment is called the leader for larger plants to provide you the pure water solutions. The Reverse Osmosis and Nano Filtration Membranes are able to remove both salts and minerals from Brackish Water. It is highly an efficient membrane that has a long lasting feature to minimize the Demineralization and Desalination costs. This RO System is also called as the Hyper Filtration and it is using the Brackish Water RO Systems to clean and remove salts and any impurities. The system is capable of rejecting bacteria, proteins, sugar and other impurities.

      Features and Benefits :

      1. Energy efficiencies
      2. Highest engineering standards
      3. Excellent reliability
      4. Long life
      5. Simple operation
      6. Permeate capacity up to 50 m³/h, on demand up to 120m³/h
      7. High pressure piping in stainless steel
      8. Mounted on high quality stainless steel
      9. 5 micron sediment pre- filters and
      10. Auto flush system
      11. Spiral wound membranes of 8" TFC
      12. Stainless steel motor with multi stage pump
      13. Epoxy painted steel frame
      14. Programmable time delay and set points
      15. NEMA 12 enclosure with disconnect and interlocking rotary handle
      16. FRP membrane housing
      17. Power supply: 460v/3ph/60hz
      18. Low pressure switch
      19. High pressure switch
      20. Status lamps
      21. Motor starter
      22. Liquid filled pressure gauges, panel mount for pump suction, membrane feed, and final concentrate
      23. Permeate conductivity monitor
      24. Permeate & concentrate flow meters
      25. High system-salt-rejection up to 99%
      26. Yield of raw water up to 75%

      Optional Features :

      1. Media filter
      2. Water meter
      3. Hour meter
      4. Feed ORP controller with sensor
      5. Ozonation system
      6. UV sterilizers
      7. Water softeners
      8. Iron removal filter
      9. Post di polishers
      10. Feed water conductivity monitor
      11. Membrane cleaning skid
      12. Automatic hourly flush
      13. Export crating
      14. Custom designed units
      15. 380-415v/3ph/50hz power supply
      16. 220v/3ph/60hz power supply
      17. Product tank level controller switch
      18. Feed ph controller with sensor
      19. Available in all international voltages


      1. De-central, public or private potable water supply for drinking purposes
      2. Water for boiler feed
      3. Beverage Industry: portable water for bottling plants
      4. Agriculture/gardening: plant irrigation
      5. Steel production
      6. Industry in general: process water bottling and soft drink industry etc.
    • High Brackish water RO Plants

      High Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

      This is another Reverse Osmosis system which gives a high quality Water Treatment Method for larger applications. These are compact systems which are designed up to 20,00 ppm TDS Brackish Water Treatment, with easy equipment to give quality RO Water Systems.

      Benefits :

      1. High recovery rate
      2. Less reject water to waste
      3. Stainless steel valve
      4. Rust free frame and components
      5. 100% bacteria and viruses removal
      6. Simple installation and easy operation
      7. User friendly system

      Applications :

      1. Beverage industry
      2. Water for boiler feed
      3. Agriculture/gardening
      4. Steel Production
      5. Soft drink industry
      6. Power generator
      7. Health care
      8. Hospitality
      9. Laundry
      10. Pharmaceutical

      Features :

      1. Multistage centrifugal booster pump
      2. Quality cartridge filter
      3. Auto flushing
      4. High-pressure piping
      5. High-level product water float switch.
      6. All the components are properly tagged and color coded lines as per international standards.
      7. Unique low voltage
      8. Low level feed water float switch.
      9. Equipment is tested and sterilized prior to shipment.
      10. Installation and operation manual for easy handling of the unit.
      11. FRP multimedia /sand filter
      12. Stainless steel frame
      13. High rejection rate
      14. FRP carbon steel frame
      15. Low pressure cut off switch
      16. Sediment filter
      17. Fixed displacement pump
      18. Energy recovery system
      19. Digital PH monitor
      20. Hour meter and volt meter
      21. Pre-chlorination system
      22. Digital product flow meter
      23. UV sterilizer
      24. Oznator
      25. High pressure switch
      26. Product water pressure switch
      27. Integrated control systems
      28. Mimic diagrams
      29. Digital product and reject flow meter
      30. Self-powered system
    • Sea water RO Plants

      Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

      Eco Smart Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems are suitable for portable, commercial and light industrial applications. These systems are designed using the highest quality well selected components, advanced engineering capabilities and a strict quality programs. Our systems are easy to install and mobilize the equipment.

      Benefits :

      1. Designs: 35%, 45% recovery
      2. Electrical control packages: basic or premium
      3. Pre-designed systems
      4. Integrated energy recovery system
      5. VFD controlled high-pressure pumps
      6. Pre-filtration cartridge filters
      7. Pre-configured options
      8. Duplex 2205 or zero 100 high-pressure piping
      9. Remote control system
      10. Complete instrumentation set
      11. Quick delivery and faster water production
      12. Limited commissioning work and easy installation
      13. User-friendly systems - due to simple but effective controls and operator interfaces
      14. Speed of delivery
      15. Operating cost reduction
      16. Reliability of operation
      17. Worldwide support
      18. Ease of operation

      Features :

      1. Hand selected membranes
      2. Power coated compact frame
      3. Balder motor
      4. Automatic salinity control and fresh water division
      5. Dual pre filter cartridge
      6. High and low pressure safety shutdown
      7. Brine and product flow meters
      8. Direct drive cat pump
      9. Stainless steel high pressure valve
      10. Half horsepower bronze, low pressure pump
      11. Corrosion resistant
      12. 5-micron sediment pre-filter
      13. Fiberglass pressure vessels
      14. automatic feed water shut-off valve
      15. T.F.C.sea water R.O. Membrane
      16. TDS monitor
      17. Vibration isolation mounts
      18. Stainless high and low pressure gauges
      19. Alloy frame


      Sea Water RO Systems are used for lower the operating cost for the below types of applications.

      1. Water supply
      2. Bottling supply for beverage industry
      3. Irrigation of plants for agriculture
      4. Wastewater recovery
      5. Rinsing and process water for industry in general
      6. Potable water for resorts, remote sites, coastal areas
      7. Process/cooling water
      8. Boiler feed water make up
      9. Irrigation water
      10. Plant process make up water
      11. Small community portable water demand
      12. Cargo ships
      13. Oil tanks
      14. Village and cities
      15. Coastal development
      16. Fish processing plants