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Portable Ozone Odour Neutralization

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ES-POZ-3500 Ozone Air Cleaner

The Ozone Air Cleaners are the only solution for reducing mildew, molds, bacteria and odors. This high output ozone cleaner (up to 3500 mg/hr.) can benefit in reducing the airborne levels pollutants. This can be used in residentially and commercially.


  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Dimension: 280mm X 180mm X 140mm
  • Net Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7Ib)
  • Power Cable Included
  • Power Consumption: about 50W
  • Air Fan Output: 85CFM
  • Technology: Corona Discharge (Ozone Plate).
  • Ozone Output: 3,500 mg/hr Gas Resource: Ambient Air
  • Model Name: ES-POZ-3500
  • Power Source: AC220-240V


  1. Easy to replace Ozone Plate.
  2. Sharp construction.
  3. Lifelong Ozone Plate up to 6000 hrs.
  4. Low power consumption .
  5. High ozone output.
  6. Filter with high flow blowing fan.


  • Eliminating smells and killing mold, viruses, bacteria and other unwanted organic materials.
  • No chemicals are used or leftovers.
  • Long hours of cleaning is not required.
  • No physical labor at all.

Why we use ES-POZ-3500?

  • Powerful industrial strength Ozone Air Purifier
  • Use for serious pollutant removal.
  • Produce up to 3500 mg/hr
  • Utilizing the most advanced Corona Discharge Technology and rigorous testing
  • Effective purification and sterilization
  • Constructed with stainless Steels from inside out
  • Shaped like a bazooka
  • High Flow Blowing Fan (CFM: 85)

Safety key points to remember:

  1. No presence of people, pets and plants during Ozone Shock Treatment.
  2. Air conditioners reduce to 60 degrees to confirm that it is not producing excess Nitric Oxide off gas.
  3. Read the User Instruction Manual before the application.

The unit is a powerful Portable Ozone Air Purifier which is chosen by professionals for serious odor pollutant removals, mold and mildew. It is mainly designed to create more ozone for Unoccupied Ozone Shock Treatments, unlike those daily air purifying Ozone Air Purifiers, or any other Air Purifiers.

This Ozone Generator is able to produce pure ozone with more available oxidizers for effective sterilization and purification by utilizing the most advanced Corona Discharge Technology. This powerful Ozone Air Purifier is built in stainless steel from inside out, making it rugged sufficient for your different applications of demand.

Applications of Ozone De-Odourizer

Remove or Control Household Odors:
Powerful and effective eliminator of smoke and odors. Ozone removes frequently the sources of household odors. It provides a much healthier home, atmosphere and environment by disinfecting and purifying with ozone

Hotel / Motel Room Odor Removal
It reduces the cleanup time for a room in less than (20-30) minutes giving a fresh new smelling odor free room. Service is faster for the customers and odour free room is available. Disinfect the air and surfaces, reducing the risk of bacterial, viral and other infections can be processed through the use of ozone generator. Room cancellation can be mostly avoided through effective use of ozone.

Cigarette & Cigar Smoke Removal / Elimination
OZONE removes the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them. Phenol gasses are the unseen part of tobacco smoke that causes such distress to one's eyes and create the bad odors. This unit is proven to be invaluable for restaurant, bar, or pool hall owners. Ozone Generators work better than "smoke eaters", Air Filter or Ionizer for eliminating smoke odors & smoke.

Mold Decontamination - Control & Removal
Many harmful types of mold & fungus are around the world. They can be grow in high-cellulose material, such as dry wall, wall papers, wood straw, hay, wet leaves, fiber-boards, some ceiling tiles, and more. This unsafe mold grows in medium to high humidity (55 % +). This type of mold can causes respiratory problems, even when dry.

Vehicle Restoration companies / USES
Using ozone generators, trucks, busses, automobiles, vans, and work vehicles are being clean & deodorized by professionals all around the country. Ozone is giving helpful use in auto sales and restorations. Vehicles smell fresh and clean with Ozone Shock Treatments.

Boat / Ship / Cruise line Odor
Boats are having strong fish odors mold, bacterial, and other odors. Ozone is exceptional process for eradicating and controlling these odors.

Fire Restoration Companies
Fire and flood damage odors are difficult to remove. Shock treating with high levels of ozone will eliminate the odor and let the room to be habitable.

Pet and Animal odors, Kennels
The offensive pet odours can be illuminated using "Shock Treatments". It creates fresh and better environment for pets, their owners, Hospitals, and Kennels. (Ozone Shock Treatments are strictly prohibited to do with pets or people in the room)

Pest Control
Ozone helps to remove their odors and keeps insects and vermins from returning. For an example, a cockroach finds some food by the sense of smell. An Ozone Shock Treatment can destroy the odors in the food location and also in the cockroach's home. It is known that cockroaches will not be able to leave their home if they cannot smell their way back.