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Oil and Water Separators

The System is separating oils and solids from water where both the elements are having different specific gravity than water. Effluent concentrations of non-emulsified oil can be removed down to 10 mg/l. Eco Smart is providing Oil Water Separators, where a simple and quality solution is required.

Advantages of Eco Smart Systems

  • Incredibly perfect cleaning result
  • A lifting equipment is not needed
  • Space saving
  • Easy installation time
  • Easy handing
  • Low maintenance & pump out costs

Environmental Benefits

  • Improvement of water quality before it discharges to sewage system and water bodies. For example: One liter of oil contaminates ten thousand liters of water! Let´s save the environment with the world´s best cleaning technology for next generation.


  • Oil production and oil storage areas.
  • Surface and wash water from petrol stations
  • Transportation fueling systems.
  • Treatment of waste water from oil-removal plants.
  • Gasoline stations and other fueling facilities.
  • Water treatment plan
  • Car wash and repair workshops, wash water recycling and pressure wash cleaning.
  • Treatment of industrial process waste water.
  • Electrical transformers


  • Light petroleum and oils separate from waste water.
  • Functions with pure gravity without any chemical additives in addition to the cleaning with deposit oils (dispersion) on the surface of the coalescence material (absorption).
  • Through combination of this small coalescence particle, it drifts to the surface of oil water separator like Flotation. Then oil is saved separately.