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Odour Neutralization Systems

Eco Smart has got different Odour Neutralization Systems for Commercial Kitchen Air Ventilations, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications.

Commercial Kitchen Air Ventilations Applications

Activated Carbon Panel Filters

Odour Neutralization by Activated Carbon Panel Filters

The Odour Neutralization by activated Carbon filters consisting of the following component which can use to eliminate foul odours from your home or business caused by smoke or fire.

  • Galvanized Steel frames
  • Loose Fill Activated Carbon Panels
  • Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon
  • Free Carbon Testing Service (CTC Testing)
  • Bonded Activated Carbon Panels

Activated Carbon Grades

Our Grade 20 Activated Carbon Filters are rated 30% on their ability to absorb carbon tetrachloride (CTC) in experimenting; and have a typical surface area per weight of between 700-800 m2/g by the BET N2 method (the area being a measure of the area of the walls of the cavern like structure of the activated carbon): Bulk density is between 0.55 - 0.59 g/cc

To protect Activated Carbon Filters, Pre-Filters should be fitted in the Ventilation Systems and it ensures a good life for the filter. We recommend a filter having a minimum grade of F5 to EN779, such as a general purpose multi pocket filter.

Our Grade 50 Activated Carbon Filters are rated 55% on their ability to absorb carbon tetrachloride (CTC) in testing; have a typical surface area per weight of between 1100-1200 m2/g by the BET N2 method (the area being a measure of the area of the walls of the cavern like structure of the activated carbon): Bulk density is between 0.49 - 0.53 g/cc


Activated Carbon Panel Filters are supplied fitted with an aluminum frame and that can be made available in reasonable sizes to match existing panels of all makes.

Specialty Chemicals

Odour Neutralization by Specialty Chemicals

Odour Neutralizer ESON 100

Odour Neutralizer ESON 100 is a blend of important oils and perfume components. It produces a pleasant odour and neutralizes in the effect of wide range of unpleasant odours including cooking smells. This is frequently used in the control of odours arising from bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, nurseries, smoke rooms and waste bins etc. It is also ideal for monitoring animal odours in kennels, hutches, stables, cages and bedding materials.

When Odour Neutralizer ESON 100 brought into interact with malodour (static or airborne), it would either neutralize the odour or change it to a more acceptable level for continuous use. Therefore it will not function as a masking agent. Odour Neutralizer ESON 100 will provide a residual effect which will impede the reappearance of odour.

Odour Neutralizer ESON 100 prevents the growth of bacteria such as staphylococcus aurous and pseudomonas aeruginosa on surfaces, destroys airborne germs and cleans the air. This is more suitable in sick rooms and nursing homes.

Benefits :

  1. Destroys airborne germs and cleans the air.
  2. Effective Odour Neutralization at low focuses.
  3. Ease of use. Applicable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  4. Immediately effective on cooking, sickness smells and tobacco.
  5. Safe to use. It uses eco-friendly chemical. 6. Permanent remedies are sought while neutralizing odours (Bioremediation, physical cleaning etc.)

UV-C Odour Neutralization

UV-C Odour Control is a system of ultra violet lights to remove cooking odours. UV-C Odour Control System is an excellent system that saves many hours and lot of money in maintenance. It is important to have an UV-C Odour Control System be integrated into new Ventilation System Installation to provide kitchen air.

UV-C System controls the grease and odours with the help of special lamps that generates Ozone and UV-Light. Contaminants in the air get demolished from the exposure to intensive UV-Light and Ozone Oxidation. This is resulting in the reduction of odour emissions to the surroundings with no grease deposits in the Ductwork.

Kindly aware that the UV-C Odour Control uses Electrostatic Preceptor along with a Carbon Filter where ever a lot of smoke is generated. This happens because the UV-C is unable to remove smoke.

Advantages :

  • Silent Operation
  • No Pressure Drop
  • Solid Design
  • Fits all Exhausts Ducts
  • Less Duct Cleaning
  • Operations Indicator LEDs
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance


Industrial Air Ventilations Applications

Industrial Ozone De-Odourizers

Eco Smart has variety Industrial Ozone De-Odorizes and our Ozone and Ionic Air Purifiers are with high efficiency and less power consumption.

Leading Edge Technology

A high technology products ideal for the Commercial and Industrial Applications. Eco Smart Ozone Air Purifiers improve Indoor Air Quality, it removes fumes, smoke, unnecessary odors, germs and ion balance. Eco Smart Ozone Ionic Air Cleaners convert polluted indoor air area into a comfortably clean and fresh environment. Undoubtedly it is the most effective solution of any known technology.

There are numbers of option in connecting Air Purifiers to an existing air conditioning system, in an air condition building Ozone installer will just simply connect the Purifier to the air conditioning system, and this is called Duct Dosing Method. This method is excellent technique for guaranteed cost effective distribution of purified air into the air-conditioned space. We provide a well-trained and have extensive technical back-up Ozone installer to help you select the best method. We have wall-mounted and portable type Ozone Ionic Air Cleaners for different applications.

Functions of Ozone and Ions

In a recent international study, it shows that ozone and ions are four times more effective at Air Purification when combined together rather than one of these on its own. Unfortunately, low-priced products make only one or the other.

Ozone layer is important in all living things here on earth, it acts as a protector from ultraviolet rays, it is made from life-giving oxygen. With its natural own powerful purifier, it permanently removes bad odors with the oxidation process and microbes by a protein restructuring process. After these processes, it automatically converts back into oxygen. Normally, the fresh smell manifest after a thunderstorm is ozone. (The fresh air in the forest or sea or waterfall can have an ozone level up to 0.1ppm).

Ions are made from oxygen and air. They are charged particles that ties airborne smoke and dust and become electrically attracted to each other turn heavier and falls to the floor. Negative ions help repair natures ion balance and improve natural health and well-being. (Fresh country air has a negative ion level of 3,000 per cm3, and air near waterfalls of 1,000 per cm3. An old house or office has a level below 100 per cm3).

The ozone and ion levels that created by Commercial Air Purifiers are similar to those found in healthy outdoor environments. When it is used correctly, everyone can enjoy a fresh and clean indoor air conditions.

Benefits :

  • It deodorizes industrial odor, cigarette smoke, food odors, body odors and all unnecessary smells which controls by microbes such as bacteria, viruses & molds.
  • Ability to eliminate airborne dusts and smoke particles.
  • Helps in restoring natures ion balance desired for natural health and well-being.

Ecology Units for Industrial Air Filtration

Eco Smart's Ecologic Air Filtration Systems will solve your problems caused by fumes, smoke, grease and odors whether inside or outside the building solving with the use of solid and all-inclusive Industrial Exhaust Ventilation System.

Indoor Configuration

The Air Purification Unit install between ducting from the Extraction Hood to the exhaust fan, which can be install in a crawl space or bolted between ceiling rafters.

  • Eco Smart gives you solutions economically compliance with environmental standards.
  • Smoke and grease are removed from the air as it passes through the filters.
  • Smoke and grease vapors are pulled up the fireproof ducts and it leads to the Filtration Unit inside the building.
  • Fumes, smoke and grease vapor are pulled out through the extraction hoods.
  • Clean air flows out of the filtration and building, which will passes through ducts leading to the blower.

Outdoor Configuration

Since our Air Purification Unit has weather protective enclosures, it can be assemble outside the building. It installs in line with ducts leading to the Exhaust Blower.

  • Hood will exhaust the fumes, smoke and grease vapor.
  • Smoke and grease vapors are exhausted by fireproof ducts that lead to the Filtration Unit outside the building.
  • Filters will remove the smoke and grease from the air.
  • Clean air flows out of the filtration unit and the Exhaust Fan.
  • Eco Smart gives you inexpensive solution with compliance of environmental standards.

Features and Benefits :

  • Solid and all inclusive systems - ideal for Industrial Ecologic Extraction Systems
  • Different configurations and custom made solutions for your requirements
  • Low capital and running costs
  • Quiet operation and compliance with environmental standards
  • Fully Automated and systems are available in Manual Clean and Auto Clean series.

Residential and Commercial Applications