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Media Based Air Filters

For your commercial and industrial applications like warehouses, manufacturing plants, packaging, storage and distribution units including cold storage, food manufacturing, bakeries and recycling plants, etc. Eco Smart provides clean air solutions.

For the capture of smoke, dust, fumes, and odors we offer packaged, custom designed Media Filters. Uses include: welding, machining, grinding, printing, woodworking, school shops, auto body, and many other applications.

Media Filter and HEPA Filter units are available. Units with adsorption/absorption capabilities are also available. Units range in size from 500 CFM to 100,000 CFM. Our System can be used for ambient air cleaning or source capture. We have three types of Air Cleaners: Portable Air Purifiers, Ambient air purifiers and Central / overhead air purifiers.


HEPA, Carbon and Fine Media Filters

A particulate Air Filter is a device consists of hard materials which remove solid particulates such as pollen, mold, dust and bacteria from the air. Eco Smart Air Filters have been guaranteeing clean and refresh indoor air for many years.

  • HEPA Filters

    High Efficiency Particulate Air is full form of HEPA. From the word itself, the Air Filter can be recognized as an efficient device. HEPA Filters remove 99.97% small particles up to 0.3 micron sizes. HEPA Filters are rugs of randomly arranged fiberglass fibers.

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      The fiber thickness, velocity and diameter are the three points of a successful filter. HEPA Filters are designed to remove smaller pollutants and particles. Through the interception, diffusion and impaction, the particles get trapped in the filter.

      Pollutant removes

      • Dust
      • Mites
      • Mold
      • Cigarette smoke
      • Paint
      • Fumes
      • Plaster dust

      This filter is safe and guarantees for high performance. These types of filters are used in the medical fields for preventing airborne bacterial and viral spread.

      A HEPA Filtration System that is used in the medical field is critical in the prevention of the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms. Some of these filters have a Ultraviolet Light unit to kill off the live bacteria and viruses. These filters have an efficiency rating of 99.995%, which assures the protection against airborne disease transmission.

      Some of the Eco Smart HEPA Filters are :

      • HEPA SC
      • Bio HEPA
      • Mini pleat
      • HEPA MP
      • HEPA HC
      • HEPA HV

      Benefits :

      • Easy to use
      • Available in fine designs and styles
      • Provide obstructed airflow
      • Eliminate airborne contaminates
      • Corrugated aluminum separators would help to keep the environment clean

      Applications :

      • Hospitals
      • Nuclear
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Labs
      • Aerospace
      • Optics
      • Electronics
      • Food Processing
  • Carbon Filters

    These types of filters are most suited for medical industries. It removes airborne contaminants with the effective rate of 99.5%. Eco Smart Carbon Filters consist of an expanding foam disk for ensuring that it is packed safely without any leaks. These Carbon Filters may work with any fan for any sized room.

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      Pollutants remove :

      • Dust
      • Pet danger
      • Mites
      • Airborne chemicals
      • Gasses
      • Fumes
      • Cigarettes smokes

      Benefits :

      • Longer life of system components
      • High capacity for dirt holding
      • Reduced maintenance & service cost
      • Economical
      • Strong structural elements
      • Sizes available for any room

      Some of the Eco Smart Carbon Filters are :

      • CACU
      • CCRV
      • CARB
      • Carbon Trays
  • Fine Media Filters

    Fine Media Filters are used for a various purposes, i.e. for filtering both exhaust air and supply air. Eco Smart Filters are made of synthetic or glass fiber material. These can be manufactured in Rigid or Soft pocket types to suit the application. It has a 95% efficiency rate for 1 micron sized particles. The Fine Media Filters can be obtained in different sizes from Eco Smart.

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      Features :

      • Use for large filtration areas
      • Long life
      • Low pressure
      • High efficiency in filtration
      • Easy to clean and maintain
      • Manufactured and covered with quality aluminum and stainless steel
      • Available in power coated finish and enamel power painted

      Applications :

      • Nuclear work stations
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Food processing
      • Computer rooms
      • Fertilizer industry
      • Petrochemicals

      Some of the Eco Smart Fine Media Filters are :

      • Pac
      • Polly Pac
      • Ultra Pac
      • C-cell
      • Rigid Pac
      • V-cell
      • V-cell FG
      • ASHARE Cell
  • Pre Filters

    Pre Filters manufactured as in box or flange types. It has an efficiency of 90 to 99% for 15 to 3 micron particles. Pre Filter sizes are customizable according to specifications.

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      Features :

      • Solid construction
      • Long service life
      • Easy to handle
      • Efficient filters giving consistent results
      • Low pressure drop

      Applications :

      • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
      • Air processing
      • Packaging

      Some of the Eco Smart Pre Filters are :

      • Glass
      • Panel
      • Flat
      • Rolls
      • Pleat
      • Poly fiber
      • Auto roll
      • Metallic
      • Aluminum