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Industrial Air Filtration

Industrial Air Filtration

The elimination of harmful airborne particulate such as oil or coolant mist, welding smoke and fumes, grinding dust, laser or plasma smoke, paint smell and VOCs is important before it enters to an employee's breathing zone. With the installation and proper use of ECO SMART Industrial Air Cleaners, you can save money and generate a stronger bottom line.

The benefits of using Industrial Air Cleaners:

  • Increase productivity
  • Healthy life
  • Long equipment life
  • Save money on heating and cooling
  • A lasting relationship with employees
  • Reduce workers compensation costs

ECO SMART supply various types of Industrial Air Cleaners which includes cartridge units, electrostatic units, carbon media units and HEPA units in numerous configurations ranging from portable, machine mounted, duct mounted and overhead source collection installations.

Kindly consult ECO SMART for your specific Industrial Indoor Air Purification solution