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Fire Rated Ducts

Eco Smart Fire Rated Duct is constructed from galvanised sheet steel and manufactured in factory and fire sprayed with a specially formulated water-based compound. The finished product contains selected mineral filters in a low permeability elastomeric binder, to a thickness of approximately 1mm.The product has been successfully tested for international use under cellulosic fire conditions - in excess of four hours duration. The unique properties of water-based compound Flamebar BW11 have enabled the design of a low density, highly durable material. Fire Rated Ducts accommodates induced stress arising from extreme and varying conditions; including climatic moisture, structural loading variations and the effect of thermal-shock during a fire.

The Eco Smart Fire Rated Ducts is an augmented ductwork construction utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques to which an intumescing coating is factory applied. As the coating is spray applied, this allows the ductwork system to be manufactured in any cross sectional shape to suit the application, producing a flanged single skin Fire Rated Ductwork system giving Stability and Integrity of up to 4 hours. Ductwork in buildings is insulated to prevent fire spread within a building through the duct or to ensure the duct function is maintained when exposed to a fire. Stringent fire tests exist worldwide to prove the effectiveness of ductwork fire insulation systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, fast-track construction
  • Provides fire protective shaft enclosures, stairwells and horizontal membranes
  • A solution for all enclosures and risers where access is limited to one side only
  • Horizontal membranes built entirely from below
  • Installation can commence earlier in construction
  • Minimal wall thickness of 77mm
  • Satisfies deflection and air pressure requirements
  • Satisfies the 1m boundary requirements