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Fan Coil Units

Fan Coil Units

Eco Smart providing a unique energy efficient Fan Coil Unit (FCU) which meets most air conditioning requirements. Fan Coil Units essentially made up of a motor with a fan, controller and heating or cooling coil connected to the buildings central hot water or cold water system. Eco Smart Fan Coil Units is a simple heating and cooling device. The product is designed to heat or cool the specific space where it is installed.

Eco Smart Fan Coil Units is standout among the most adaptable and environment-friendly ways of providing proper indoor environment in thickly populated buildings. Eco Smart Fan Coil Units use chilled water or refrigerant to provide cooling, they are primarily associated with chilled water. The important preference of introducing Eco Smart Fan Coil Units system that wholly employs water as the cooling medium is that there is no need for the specific checking and maintenance. The product is compatible and can be used with renewable energy systems.

Aesthetics play an important role in the appearance of any room. Therefore, Eco Smart Fan Coil Units come in a variety of attractive and minimally-invasive configurations designed to mix consistently into a variety of architectural styles. A significant preference of the Eco Smart Fan Coil Units system is that the delivery system requires less building space; it requires a smaller or no central room and little duct space.