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Ecologic Kitchen Air Filtration Systems

  • Eco Smart's Ecologic Kitchen Air Filtration System will solve your problems caused by smoke, grease and odors whether inside or outside the building solving with the use of solid and all-inclusive Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System.

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      Indoor Configuration

      The Air Purification Unit install between ducting from the Kitchen Hood to the exhaust fan, which can be install in a crawl space or bolted between ceiling rafters.

      • Eco Smart gives you solutions economically compliance with environmental standards.
      • Smoke and grease are removed from the air as it passes through the filters.
      • Smoke and grease vapors are pulled up the fireproof ducts and it leads to the Filtration Unit inside the building.
      • Kitchen smoke and grease vapor are pulled up to the hood.
      • Clean air flows out of the filtration and building, which will passes through ducts leading to the blower.

      Outdoor Configuration

      Since our Air Purification Unit has weather protective enclosures, it can be assemble outside the building. It installs in line with ducts leading to the Exhaust Blower.

      • Hood will exhaust the kitchen smoke and grease vapor.
      • Smoke and grease vapors are exhausted by fireproof ducts that lead to the Filtration Unit outside the building.
      • Filters will remove the smoke and grease from the air.
      • Clean air flows out of the filtration unit and the Exhaust Fan.
      • Eco Smart gives you inexpensive solution with compliance of environmental standards.

      Features and Benefits :

      • Solid and all inclusive systems - ideal for Commercial Kitchens
      • Different configurations and custom made solutions for your requirements
      • Low capital and running costs
      • Quiet operation and compliance with environmental standards
      • Fully Automated and systems are available in Manual Clean and Auto Clean series.

  • Electrostatic Precipitators for Kitchen Exhaust Air Cleaning

    Eco Smart's Electrostatic Kitchen Air Filtration System will solve your problems caused by smoke, grease and odors whether inside or outside the building solving with the use of solid and all-inclusive Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System.

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      Do you have grease and smoke Pollution? We have a solution for the pollution!

      It is appropriate for the elimination of all grease and odour emissions from the commercial kitchens. The Electrostatic Precipitators are highly efficient and can remove particulate to sub-micron size. The filter efficiency is 98% attained during the single pass through ESP. Air stream of grease and hydrocarbons (smoke) in Kitchen Exhaust Systems are used to clean by ESP Units. They are efficiently removing the particulate down to sub-micron (0.01micron) size.

      Four phases of filtration

      • Pre-Filter
      • Electronic Collection
      • Ionization Section
      • Final Filter
      Models ES-2500 ES-5000 ES-7500
      A-Width - 450mm
      B-Width - 350mm
      C-Height - 630mm
      D-Height - 485mm
      E-Depth - 660mm
      A-Width - 900mm
      B-Width - 800mm
      C-Height - 630mm
      D-Height - 485mm
      E-Depth - 660mm
      A-Width - 1350mm
      B-Width - 1250mm
      C-Height - 630mm
      D-Height - 485mm
      E-Depth - 660mm
      Electrical Supply 220/240V 50Hz 1ph 220/240V 50Hz 1ph 220/240V 50Hz 1ph
      Air Volume Max 2500m3/h 1500cfm 5000m3/h 3000cfm 7500m3/h 4500cfm
      Power Consumption 30W 50W 50W
      Weight 60 Kg 100 Kg 140 Kg`
      Maximum Relative Humidity 75% 75% 75%
      Minimum working Temp 4/56°C 4/56°C 4/56°C

      Compatible Standards

      • Current IEE
      • CE
      • European standards
      • Health and safety work act
      • Relates to IP 50

  • Kitchen Exhaust Air Cleaning Systems

    Auto Clean Series

    AutoClean Kitchen Air Exhaust Air Cleaning System is the only one air cleaner on the market which has self-washing function. AutoClean has a wash bar that rotates backward and forward while shuttling the bar laterally within the cabinet. This dual-motion provides wide-range of cleaning coverage of dual-stage electronic cells and when used with ecologically, concentrated cell cleaner, the AutoClean multi-jet wash system offers high quality air cleaning efficiency and cost control.

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      Eco Smart offers Auto Clean Kitchen Exhaust Air Cleaning Systems that helps the restaurant to help keep pace as they effectively remove smoke, grease and mist from your kitchen air exhaust.

      Benefits :

      • Electrical cost minimizes by the energy efficient units
      • Filter replacement and electrostatic precipitator cell cleaning are eliminated by self-wash cycle.
      • Maintenance cost
      • Superior quality and construction
      • Ensure clean air efficiency up to 99%
      • Carbon filters control odors.
      • Flexibility in any size installation and design

      Auto Clean Models

      It is a premier multi-jet programmable self-washing system, available in three Models for 2,000M3, 4,000M3 and 8,000M3

  • Kitchen Air Cleaning Related Products & Services

    Eco Smart Kitchen Air Cleaning Systems provide healthy and fresh working environment compliance with the authorities legislation and insurance requirements. We have turn-key-solutions for all your ventilation requirements.

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      Kitchen Canopy

      It is recommended to have the Kitchen Canopy positioned directly above the cooking equipment to provide immediate extraction of all fumes and vapors protecting staff of the kitchen. Stainless steel extraction Kitchen Canopies can be supplied to your specification, matching the HVCA DW/172 specification.

      There are various uses for a kitchen canopy:

      • It removes all greases and particles in the air. They are then taken through the ductwork and settled in a safe location.
      • It will provide replacement air flow to bring fresh air into the kitchen.


      Eco Smart can provide ductwork, as a turn-key-solution, which is fire rated and that satisfies BS476 Part 24:1987 for up to 4 hours stability and integrity with 1 hour’s protection from fire and fully in relies with HVCA Specification DW171.

      Some form of ductwork is required to move the extracted air to a safe location with all Ventilation Systems. This is usually discharged on an outside wall or roof. The replacement air is carried out by the ductwork back into the kitchen.

      Eco Smart provides a large scale duct work for public buildings and industrial sectors whereas Kitchen Air provides smaller solid Ductwork installations for commercial kitchens.

      Make-Up Air, Fresh Air Supply

      Make-Up Air is a ventilation term used to describe controlled supply of outside air to a building. An adequate supply of outside air is necessary for proper ventilation. An Exhaust System without sufficient Make-Up Air will cause a negative pressure situation in the building which will decrease the performance of the Ventilation System.

      We are advised to provide a maximum of 85% of the total air extracted in larger kitchens. The replacement air is introduced into the kitchen in various methods, such as ceiling grilles or the canopy supply air plenum. The replacement air is introduced into the kitchen and thereby, the air must be filtered to prevent insects and other particles entering the kitchen.

      Ventilation Fans

      Eco Smart has two major classes of fans, which are Centrifugal and Axial Flow Fans for the airflow needed to provide Industrial Ventilation Systems. Centrifugal Fans shift air by blades on rotating fan wheel moving air outward from the center inlet at a higher velocity or pressure than air entering the fan. Axial Fans pull the air to the fan shaft and leave the fan in the same direction as it goes through propeller.

      In Ventilation Systems, Centrifugal Fans are more widely used than axial fans because they are less expensive to install and operate, quieter but generate higher pressures than Axial Fans of the same airflow capacity.

      Eco Smart offer General Ventilation Fans for industrial and commercial buildings, schools, restaurants, hotels and hospitals for the Ventilation Systems and Indoor Air Quality. Our products are from the world’s leading manufactures best known for industrial quality assuring consistent performance, relentless reliability and permanence.

      Maintenance of Kitchen Ventilation

      The Ventilation System is essential to regularly maintain, to ensure the safe and hygienic running of it. Most insurance policies specify that equipment should be clean and service in every 6-12 months.

      Several working areas are tends to get dirty and the buildup grease can decrease efficiency over time or even break down.

      A full range of maintenance services are available for kitchen air from servicing of fans, filters and other parts. Eco Smart has a wide range of replacement parts and can install new parts for existing equipment. Eco Smart can offer these services as in the maintenance contract.