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Ducted Split Unit

Ducted Split Unit

Stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and comfortable every year with Eco Smart Ducted Split Unit (DSU). Eco Smart Ducted Split Unit provides climate controlled comfort throughout your entire facilities. Ducted Split Unit provides energy efficient cooling, dehumidification and heating while filtering the air. With the ducted system, a condenser unit is installed outside the home. Ducted systems can be operated in two or more zones and they can be heated or cooled at different times depend on the season. Eco Smart ducted split is the optimum air conditioning solution for places which require ceiling installation above false ceiling.

Eco Smart Ducted Split Unit has compact and hidden structure. Indoor unit has low slim profile and height for easy installation above false ceiling. Eco Smart developed Ducted Split Unit with proficient cooling and heating with least electrical consumption. Customers can control the temperature with just with touch of a button.

Main advantages of using Ducted Split Unit are the simple ducting requirements and therefore the reduced need for a false ceiling. They are also an immense option for the areas where independent temperature control is required. Each Ducted Split Unit come with its own controller and they can be turned on/off just similar to a light bulb. The only visible components of the system in the interior of the building are supply and the return grill. Unlike central ducted systems, mini split ducted systems use extremely short and simple duct work and extensively reduces the requirement for a false ceiling area to conceal the duct work. Eco Smart Ducted Split Unit is designed particularly for easy maintenance and installation for medium and large-sized air conditioning systems in commercial and residential applications.