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Custom Made Packaged Unit

Custom Made Packaged Unit

Our Custom Made Package units (CMPU) are compact unit for heating and cooling purpose. The Custom Made Packaged Units is highly efficient and designed for commercial as well as residential applications. Custom Made Packaged Units can be equipped with optional controls and accessories to fit customer requirements. We also offer complete, compact, reliable packaged Units designed for customers demand. The final result is a cost-efficient packaged unit which provides the total integrated systems that minimize overall cost. Eco Smart recognizes that large, single packaged units have significant impact on a building’s energy bill. For that reason, Custom Made Packaged Units have been designed to address the economic concerns of facility owners and designers. Our Custom Made Packaged Unit is specially designed for quick and easy installation.

Eco Smart customize our products based on client’s requirement make us most unique in the market. We can customize and modify user-demand equipment, or create a new packaged unit, to provide a cost-effective and custom built solution to the client’s individual needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable design team is dedicated to providing in-depth engineering solutions including the best unit layout and component selections for each application. Our team is committed to fast customer response with design options focused on high quality, efficiency and cost savings. Our qualified engineers and designers can meet the most challenging building requirements in HVAC system.

Features and Benefits

Eco Friendly

  • Eco Smart Custom Made Packaged Units use R-410A as refrigerant
  • The R-410A is an earth-friendly, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.

Accurate, Consistent & Reliable

  • Eco Smart Custom Made Packaged Units assures quality and performance through our testing capabilities.
  • Our designers and engineers have extensive hands-on experience in testing, research, troubleshooting and product development.
  • All tests are conducted with the latest industry standards using the current design software’s and instrumentation.

Airflow Measurement

  • Airflow measurement for monitoring and control is an effective component of building performance.
  • Proper flow measurement, energy usage can be reduced by identifying and optimizing demand

Simplified installation

  • Eco Smart Custom Made Packaged Units offers much simpler, faster, and less expensive installation.

Low initial cost

  • Eco Smart Custom Made Packaged Units has a much lower achievement cost than the total cost to design and purchase the components for an equivalent custom system.
  • Lower installation costs provide additional savings.

Utility savings

  • Eco Smart Custom Made Packaged Units is highly efficient, although they are not as efficient as a well-designed custom or semi-custom system.

Enhanced temperature and time controls.

  • Highly programmable controls are available that can operate Eco Smart Custom Made Packaged Units based on building occupancy schedules, including night time temperature setbacks.
  • Eco Smart WCPU can significantly reduce energy costs.