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Commercial Air Purifiers

There are many benefits of using a Commercial Air Purifier at your work place. The foremost benefit is the employee satisfaction of having a cleaner, fresher and more comfortable, dirt free atmosphere. By installing Air Purifiers, it has become an immediate relief for people who are suffering from airborne allergies and asthma.

ECO SMART Commercial Air Cleaners regularly clean the air. The cost of maintenance and cleaning are also significantly reduced. Heating and cooling costs are also reduced as conditioned air is recirculates.

Applications and Advantages

Public Sector

High traffic areas such as bus terminals, metro stations, airports, subways and shopping centers can effect to global epidemic and regional nuisance by exploding air polluted and cross polluted deceases. With the use of our world-class Air Sterilizers and Air Purifiers the mentioned diseases can be avoided to a great extent. The Indoor Air Quality is an important aspect for children with asthma because air pollutants like mold, dust and chemical fumes can trigger an asthma episode.

It is important that the schools need to have more attention to IAQ and take precautions before facing any major issues. It also helps to prevent health problems and improve performance of staff and students reducing the number of missed school days and improve the learning environment.

Hospitality Sector

Whenever people are confined to spend time in one place, bacteria and viruses are transmitted through the air. The guests are more concern about the places they choose to have a “relax time”. It is obvious, that a clean air is providing comfort and well-being and your reputation. Hospitality environments like hotels, restaurants, gym, spas, beauty salons, concert halls, theatres and opera houses, etc. are widely-open to many different sources of pollution that threaten the health of guests and staff.

Hospital Sector

Generally, the medical facilities will need more than one level of cleanliness than other facilities. Air filters may be used to abolish harmful pollutants released during certain procedures, from isolated highly infectious patients, or from dental laboratory grinding and polishing. Our Air Purifiers are particularly effective for medical atmospheres where airborne viruses and bacteria could be widespread.

For your specific Commercial Indoor Air Purification solution, please consult ECO SMART.