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Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units

Eco Smart Air Handling Unit is used to supply and circulate air around a building to extract stale air as a part of buildings HVAC system. We offer wide range of Air Handling Units for the use in various applications from small office premises to large industrial applications. Eco Smart Air Handling Units comprises an insulated metal box that contains a fan, cooling and/or heating elements, filters, sound attenuators and dampers. Eco Smart Air Handling Units takes in outside air, re-condition it and supply it as fresh air to the building. All stale air inside the building is removed from building, which creates an adequate indoor air quality.

The climate in rooms is influenced by many factors and the requirements on these conditions can be vary, depending on the type of room or its use. Eco Smart identifies the needs and factors to be considered to provide a best quality air inside the building. Eco Smart Air Handling Units offers the best individual solution for our valid customers. Our R&D team focuses on reducing energy consumption and creating factory complete Air Handling Units. As a result of this Eco Smart assures improved overall efficiency in effective control of indoor conditioned space relative humidity.

In practical, around 20% of the total building cooling load and annual energy consumption is used for the treatment of the fresh air supply needed for ventilation. For those reasons, we are always challenged to look for better and more efficient ways to treat the fresh air supply.